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Book IV



General Information

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X1a  c1952 The X1a is listed and shown in the WAB (Wabaningo Lodge Emblem Handbook, 1952) which was the first book published showing OA lodge patches.  The X1 patch was designed by Henry Helton

The X1a and X1c are known to have been issued on a blue neckerchief with red piping.  Most likely the X1b was also issued as a neckerchief.   See X1a neckerchief with red piping.

X1b -

Years ago Wallace Binns wound up with what appears to be the remaining stock of Immokalee X1b patches from the 1950s.  Gene Harper wound up with a box of the ceramic neckerchief slides from the 1960s.  All of these found their way to Herman Gaskins our OA brother from North Carolina.  In 2017, Herman passed these along to Mike Greene so that he could get them to into the hands of lodge members who would appreciate the history.  There were 20 sets.  

X1c - The X1a and X1c are known to have been issued on a blue neckerchief with red piping.  Most likely the X1b was also issued on a neckerchief.

An X1 type patch found by David Wada in 2018.  Most likely a modern reproduction.

S1 1959 The S1 is seen in photos as early as the 1959 Chehaw Council Philmont contingent.  The  1958 Blue Book which was the first edition of the Blue Book does not list a flap for Immokalee lodge as of November, 30, 1958.  Therefore, a 1959 issue date has been established for the S1  The book First Flaps:  In Color also puts the issue year as 1959.  According to Gordon Smith, lodge member Miles T. Clements had Ken Hancock of Tifton (not a scout) designed the S1 flap.  
N1 1961 Designed in 1961 by Gordon Smith.  It was only issued to members of Immokalee Lodge who attended the 6D Conference hosted by Immokalee Lodge in the spring of 1961.  Only one box was made and each Immokalee lodge member who attended the conference received only one.  Currently only 7 are known to still exist.  These are in the possession of Joe Abernathy, Mike Greene (originally issued to John Woodard), Herman Gaskin (originally issued to Wayne Woodard), John Caldwell (originally issued to ?), Gordon Smith, Mark Graff (originally issued to ?) and Tim Banach (originally issued to Mike Henry). If you have another one in your possession or have any additional information about this issue please email the webmaster.
N2 1963 1963 NOAC Neckerchief; 12 made
N3 1965 1965 NOAC Neckerchief
P1b 1965 Issued before P1a

The different variations were not known at time of Blue Book indexing consequently they are in reverse order Mike Greene's neckerchief was issued to him in 1972 and it is a P1b  Ben Horton received the last neckerchief from the last box in 1986 and he has a P1a.  It is believed that at least two boxes of neckerchiefs were made.  Travis Smith the others who attended the 1965 NOAC got the P1b (in addition to the N3) for the NOAC in 1965.  The general release of the (P1b) may not have occurred until 1966 as a number of member cards have notes that they received a neckerchief in 1966, but no cards for members are noted as receiving their neckerchief before 1966.  No more were ordered after 1986. The 1960 By-Laws (Lodge Rules) limited neckerchief's to one per life.  This restriction was applied to all P1a and P1b neckerchiefs issued.

S2a c1967 The S2 issues probably were issued in the middle or late 1960s.  In 1972 the S3 was being issued.
S2b c1967  
S3a c1970 The Blue Book lists two variations of S3 with the only difference being a slight change in the color of the sky and both at 123 mm wide.  Mike Greene has in his collection three distinct widths of S3 being 121 mm, 123 mm and 125 mm.  The 123 mm having slightly crisper lettering than the 121 mm and the 125 mm widths.  The 123 mm possibly having a slightly different sky than the 121 mm and the 125 mm widths. 

The issue date is either very late 1960s or early 1970s.  See S2 note above.

S3b c1970  
S4 1974 A summer of 1974 photo of the Charles L Sommers' Canoe Base crews from Chehaw Council shows a number of known Brotherhood and Vigil members of Immokalee Lodge all wearing the blue border S3.  None of the yellow border (S4 brotherhood) or white border (S5 vigil) are being worn.  Therefore, it  is unlikely that S4 & S5 were issued prior to the fall of 1974.
S5 1974 200 made
X2 1975 400 made;  Segments are listed under Fellowship Patches.

1975 was not the 30th anniversary of the lodge  At the time the current members thought the lodge was chartered in 1945 because the lodge became active in 1945.  The lodge was chartered in 1947 and so 1977 was the correct 30th anniversary of the lodge.

S6 1975   
S7 1975   
S8 1975   
X3 1976 200 made;  Segments are listed under Fellowship Patches
S13 c1980  Exact issue date unknown but before S9
S14 c1980 Exact issue date unknown but before S9
S15 c1980 Exact issue date unknown but before S9
P1a c1980 Issued after P1b;  See note below
S10 1982   


S12 1982 Double listed;  Same as Blue Book S8
X4 -   
X5 - BB Issued in error;  No such patch
S9a 1986 500 made (Unsure how many 'a' and how many 'b')

The September 1986 Southwest Georgia Council newsletter stated that the S9 was first issued at the 1986 Ordeal held August 22, 23 and 24, 1986 at Camp Osborn.

S9b 1986 500 made (Unsure how many 'a' and how many 'b')
S16 1987 200 made
R1 1988 The August 1988 Owl Hoot (page three) states that the Arrowman's Achievement Award design was approved at the LEC in July.  The newsletter reminds members to bring their award cards to the Fall Fellowship and that the award will be given out at the Christmas Banquet.  Consequently, a 1988 first issue date was established for the R1 patch.  The 1989 lodge plan book gives the requirements for the patch. (The 1989 lodge plan book gives the requirements for the patch)
R2 1988 Elangomat Award;  One per Elangomat service

The August 1988 Owl Hoot (page one) states that Elangomat program will be used in all ordeals from that date forward.  It is assumed from the language of the article that this was the initial use of the program and that the patch was issued at or about the same time. Consequently, a 1988 first issue date was established for the R1 patch.

S17 1988 500 made
S19 1990 200 made

The 75 / 45 was for the 75th anniversary of OA and the 45 anniversary of Immokalee. Again the anniversary of the lodge was calculated incorrectly (See X2 note above). The S19 was first issued at the 1990 Fall Fellowship (September 21-23).

S18 1991 200 made
S28a 1991 Lee Bates, who was Lodge Advisor at the time these were issued, told Mike Greene that he did not intend to order a navy blue border but apparently one loom run come back with the dark navy blue border and the lighter color lockstitch (S28b in the Blue Book).  Based on Lee's dates of service as Lodge Advisor this would place the patches as being issued in 1991 or 1992.
S28b 1992 Probably 200 made
S20 1992 NOAC 1992; 200 made
S21a 1992 200 made
S22a 1992 200 made
S23a 1992 200 made
S24 1993 350 made;  Youth participant to Jambo
S25 1993 75 made;  Leader participant to Jambo
S26 1993 75 made;  Staff participant to Jambo
S21b 1994 200 made
S22b 1994 200 made
S23b 1994 50 made
S27 1994    
S29a 1994 200 made
S29b 1994 50 made

The Owl Hoot for the Spring of 1994 (page one & page three) states the requirements for the new service flap and that 50 had been ordered.  It is assumed that these were the 50 with the overstitched borders.

S30 1997 50th Anniversary; Oversize Flap  
S31 1997 1997 Jambo; Oversize Flap

Three borders of the S31 exist.  A silver Mylar border, a grey Mylar border, and a grey border.  All are pictured.
S32 1997   
S33 1997   
S34 1997   
S35 1998 NOAC 1998
S36 -  
S37 - Service Flap Immokalee Lodge Service Flap Requirements
S38/X6 2000 NOAC 2000; 300 S38s made and 150 X6 made  Each sold separately
S39 - Ordeal flap;  See note with scan on variations
S40 2000 Probably only 200 made
S41 2001 2001 Jambo
S42 2001 500 made; Brotherhood flap with no bars

S39, S42 & S43 are an OBV were an original set.  The original order of S42 came back without the brotherhood bars but were used anyway.  Later 200 correct brotherhood flaps (S47) were ordered.  A later order of the S43 came back without the bars and triangle making S45.  The correct set was S39, S47 and S43.

S43 2001 400 made; Vigil flap
F1/X7 2002 NOAC 2002; 300 Sets made
F2/X8 2002 NOAC 2002; 300 Sets made
F3/X9 2002 NOAC 2002; Delegate; 2 per person; 60 Sets made
F4 2002 NOAC 2002; No bottom part; 50 Made
S44 2003 2003 S4N Conclave Host; 200 made
X10 2004 Ceremony Team Award; 36 made

The Ceremony Team patch was issued to Arrowmen (one per ceremony weekend) who were on the Ceremony & Support Teams and adults who acted as advisors.  The patch was issued beginning in January, 2004, retroactive to the Fall 2003 Ordeal. The X10 version has 'Ceremony Team' on the bottom line.  The phrase 'Ceremony Team' was moved to the top line when the patch was reordered creating the X11 version.

S45 2004 S43 without Vigil triangle or bars; 200 made (76 converted to S46)

When the Vigil flaps (S43) were reordered in 2003 they came back without the Vigil triangle or bars (S45).  200 were made.  The lodge had 76 converted to a NOAC 2004 flap (S46) and the remainder were sold to lodge members.

S46 2004 NOAC 04; 76 made
S47 2004 Brotherhood flap; 200 made; Same as S42 but with Brotherhood bars
X11 2004 Ceremony Team Award; 50 made

The X10 version has 'Ceremony Team' on the bottom line.  The phrase 'Ceremony Team' was moved to the top line when the patch was reordered creating the X11 version.

S48 2005 2005 Jambo; 800 made
X12 2006 Ceremony Support Team Award; 50 made
X13 2006 Ceremony Team Award; 50 made
ZN1? 2006 Fake of N1
S49? 2006 60th Anniversary Flap; 300 made                            
J1? 2007 2007 Ceremony Team Patch                                            
J2? 2008 2008 Ceremony Team Patch 
S50? 2008 65th Anniversary of Camp Osborn Flap                       
J3? 2009 2009 Ceremony Team Patch 
S51? 2009 2009 Ceremony Team Flap
S52? 2009 2009  BSA Centennial Patch issued for the 2010 BSA Centennial
S53? 2010 2010 Jambo Issue
J4? 2011 2010 Ceremony Team Patch
S54? 2011 Vigil Flap
X14? 2011 Patch using same design as 2011 Activity Patches
X15? 2011 2011 Conclave Delegate Patch
S55? 2012 Lodge Chief Flap
S56? 2013 Final Flap

Fellowship Patches

1973 Spring Fellowship
1974 Spring Fellowship1974 Fall Fellowship
1975 Fall segment for X2, 1975 Ordeal segment for X2
1976 Fall segment for X3, 1976 Ordeal segment for X3
1979 Fellowship (Red), 1979 Fellowship (Black)
1980 Fellowship (Green), 1980 Fellowship (Red)
2004 Winter Pow Wow2004 Fall Ordeal
2005 Spring Ordeal, 2005 Winter Pow Wow, 2005 Fall Ordeal, 2005 Winter Banquet
2006 Spring Ordeal, 2006 Winter Pow Wow, 2006 Fall Ordeals, 2006 Winter Banquet
2007 Spring Ordeal, 2007 Winter Pow Wow, 2007 Fall Ordeals, 2007 Winter Banquet
2008 Endurance Ride, 2008 Winter Pow Wow, 2008 Fall Ordeals, 2008 Winter Banquet

2009 Endurance Ride, 2009 Winter Pow Wow, 2009 Summer Camp Staff; 2009 Fall Ordeal; 2009 Winter Ordeal;  & 2009 Winter Banquet

2010 Activity Center Patch, 2010 Rockers

2011 Endurance Ride, 2011 Winter Fellowship, 2011 SR-9 Conclave Delegate, 2011 Summer Blast, 2011 LLD, 2011 Fall Ordeal, 2011 Pow Wow, & 2011 Winter Banquet                     2011 X14?

2012 Spring Ordeal    2012 Fall Ordeal   2012 Winter Banquet    2012 Vigil Reunion
2013 Spring Joint Ordeal    2013 Conclave

Patches from Conferences which Immokalee has Hosted

1956 Area 6-D Conference 

(Program from 1956 Conference)

takes few seconds to load the Program pdf

1961 Area 6-D Conference 

(See note below)

1967 Area 6-D Conference

1983 S4 Conclave

1992 SE-4 Conclave

(Program from 1992 Conclave)

2001 'Great' S4 Section Seminar 

(see the Section History page for details on Section Seminars

and the specific history of the 'Great' S4 Section Seminar in 2001)

2003 S4N Conclave

Chapter Patches

Gokhotit Chapter

Possible Immokalee Gokhotit Chapter Patch for a  1979 First Aid Camporee hosted by the lodge..
As of yet unverified. 

Kinchalee Chapter

Service award for Chapter Unit Elections Team Issued beginning in 2003; 25 made

Other Immokalee Items

Immokalee Neckerchief slides

Three Pin Set

Immokalee Lodge issued a well made metal hat pin set (three pins)

 of the owl wearing the O, B or V sash

Flap Pin
60th Anniversary Pin

S5 Beaded Flap

S5 made of beads

S9 Error Flap

S9 with tan 'W' 

S10 Error Flap

S10 with an S11 border 

S14 Error Flap

S14 with tan 'W' 

S48 Error Flap

S48 with white border 

Camp Immokalee

Camp Immokalee Patch

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