Withlacoochee Lodge - 2014 Ordeal

 Withlacoochee Lodge  #98

South Georgia Council, BSA

(June, 2016)

During the summer of 2016, the national Order for the Arrow committee held a special event at the Summit Bechtel Reserve called PRISM.  PRISM was for individual Arrowmen and ran for seven, 4-day sessions.  Participants had access to all of the adventures the Scott Summit Center provides including rock climbing, zip-lining, boating, biking, etc.  Many Arrowmen also gave back to the SBR through a service project along with fellow Arrowmen from around the country.  The defining experience of Prism was the inaugural rededication ceremony at the newly constructed Summit Circle. The ceremony provided Arrowmen with a glimpse of what the future holds for the OA while surrounded by remnants of Treasure Island Scout Reservationís original ceremony circle where Dr. Goodman once stood.  PRISM participants were among the first Arrowmen to experience the new national ceremonial grounds and served as a guide into a new century of brotherhood, cheerfulness and service.  Five Withlacoochee Lodge Arrowmen attended PRISM during the second session 22-25 June 2016:  Mr. Rick Green, Mr. Drew Sterling, Mr. Merrill Dickinson, Mr. Andrew Smith, and Matthew Collins. 

Entrance to the Summit Circle

Lodge Adviser Merrill Dickinson and Associate Lodge Adviser Rick Green at the lodge rock buttress directly in front of the Summit Circle entrance.   (The buttress houses the legacy lodge rocks from the Withlacoochee Lodge predecessor lodges Immokalee and Alapaha)


(Photos by Merrill Dickinson