Withlacoochee Lodge

 Withlacoochee Lodge  #98

South Georgia Council, BSA


The Withlacoochee Spring Ordeal

Held at Camp Patten

March 6 to 8, 2015



New Ordeal Members

Wyatt Kichens, Jaylen Williams, Cameron Nez, Caleb DeWitt, Seth DeWitt,
Juan Barbarosa, and Tanner Peacock..


Left: John Crowder. Right: Matthew Collins

Foreground: Matthew Stokes (Nutiket).
Background: left: John Crowder. Right: Matthew Collins.

Right: (orange shirt) Matthew Stokes (Nutiket). Left: (red shirt) Caleb Phillips (Meteu).
Left: (brown shirt) Jonathan Thomas (Allowat Sakima).


Drum practice.

Lodge Chief Noah Phillips at breakfast.

Lodge cake. 

Withlacoochee Brothers with the time capsule which
was buried in front of the Copeland Center
as part of the OA Centennial.  It wiill be opened in 20 years.

Time capsule contents.

(Photos by Hershal Collins and Merrill Dickinson. Used by permission.)