Withlacoochee Lodge - 2014 Ordeal

 Withlacoochee Lodge  #98

South Georgia Council, BSA


2015 Fall Ordeal

at Camp Osborn

(November 13 - 15, 2015)


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A crowd of over 70 new and current brothers attended the Fall Ordeal

at Camp Osborn in November.  We added 24 new Ordeal members,

4 new Brotherhood members, and 6 members were called-out to

"keep their Vigil" later in the year.      





Clan 1 


Clan 2 



Clan 3



New Brotherhood Members



Brotherood Ceremony at dusk



The Candidates entering the Ceremony Ring for their Ordeal Ceremony



Ceremony Ring 



Some of the shields viewd from accross the Ceremony Ring 



The new shield at the Ceremony Ring representing the Withlacoochee Totem

(Thanks to Merrill Dickingson and David Vaughn for the new shield

and the repainting of the old shields.)



Pre-Ordeal Team

Jonathan Morey, David Stokes, Caleb Phillips & M. Mennard



The Ordeal Ceremony Team 

(left to right ) Caleb Phillips, John Crowder, Jonathan Morey,

Alex Walker, David Stokes & Jonathan Thomas



Vigil Call-Out Ceremony Team

David Stokes & Jonathan Thomas



The Homefires Ceremony (part of the Centennial Celebration) after The Feast 



(Photos by J. Michael Greene and Merrill Dickinson)