Withlacoochee Lodge  #98

South Georgia Council, BSA


Cedar Tree at Ceremony Ring

at Camp Osborn



The Cedar Tree has stood at the southwest corner of the Camp Osborn Ceremony Ring since it was built in about 1984.  It served mainly as the place to let the torches drain of exess diesel fuel for its 30 years of service.  It is now dying.  Camp Ranger and Vigil Brother Eric Ginter will be cutting it down this fall.  Plans are to take a piece to NOAC 2015 for the Brotherhood fire.  We will also use the wood for the 2015 Ordeal candidates to carve their Arrows. The tree may be leaving us, but it will be a part of our Centennial Celebration.



The tree trunk is stained from years of diesel fuel draining on it 


Photo by Merrill Dickinson and Mike Greene