Withlacoochee Lodge

 Withlacoochee Lodge  #98

South Georgia Council, BSA


Vigil Breakfast

at 2013 Fall Ordeal

(Vigil held the night of December 6th, 2013)



The first Withlacoochee Vigil Class

(Back Row) Harold Pinson, Sr. Preston Parker, Redden Hart, Forrest Crowder
(Front Row) Richard Taylor, Noah Phillips, Jesse Griggs










Mug were provided at the event.

Mugs designed by Dale Wilson

The Vigil Breakfast Invitation



Matt Dickinson

was in charge of the Vigil Breakfast.



David Stokes III and Jonathan Thomas (l to r)

Vigil Ceremony Team



Merrill Dickinson, LA





Clay Chester and Tommy McCurley



Tim McRae, Eric Ginter, and Preston Parker


(Photos by J. Michael Greene, Used by permission.)