History of

Immokalee Lodge #353


2012 Section S9 Conclave

Echeconnee Lodge 358

Camp Ben Hawkins


April 20 - 22, 2012


(Photos by Mike Greene)



2012 Contingent

(back row) Forrest Crowder, Dale Lackey, Emory Greene, Tommy McCurley, Tony Crowder, Mark Barrett.

(center row) Jessie Griggs, Grayson Drew, Clay Chester, Carmen Richards, Mike Ellis

(front row) Mike Greene, Noah Phillips, Pat Madden, Alex Purdy, Jessie Wilson, Dale Wilson, John Crowder

(Sam Thompson was ill and did not attend.  Preston Parker, DE, could not attend)


Brad Walbridge

(Former Chehaw DE and former SR9 OA Advisor

visiting from Pee Dee Council)



Gary Hnydowitz

(Lodge Advisor from Lodge 432 visiting with our Section)


A senior member of Wagali Lodge from Carterville who like Mike Greene attended the

1974 Area V Conclave at Ben Hawkins.  He assisted with the Forking, which including Mike Greene.