Immokalee Lodge

- 353 -

Section History

1997 Section S4 Conclave

Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge 237

Camp Tanah Keeta



(Patches are not actual or relative size)


(1250 Made with loop; 1000 made without loop) 



Host Patch

HOST in White shown. 

(Three Variations:  HOST in orange; HOST in White was issued one per member; HOST in SMY issue was one per 8 hours service; and, the
HOST in GMY issue was one per 25 hours service.  The White and SMY may be the same patch.)



Section Patch

(One per person) 


Host Flap S50

(Three Variations)

Host Flap S51

Host Flap S52

(Three Variations)

Jacket Patch

500 made

Vigil Breakfast Dangle

450 made

Chenille Backpatch

471 made

No Scan

Chenille Neckerchief

221 made

No Scan





Round Host Food Service Patch

Unknown number issued.




265 Delegate Patch

Unknown number issued.


Need Scan
Guide Arm Band